The rise of bots… acquisitions!

2016 is the year of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are a very interesting testing environment for the upcoming massive adoption and commercialization of AI applications.

This is a great summary and infographic about the #bots platform ecosystem!

It’s very interesting to see how fast consolidation in the market is happening (2 acquisition in the last 24 hours, Google -> Api & Amazon -> and as usual in the tech industry, to see that the most active acquirers are the best tech companies!

You can learn more about the bots platform ecosystem (and consolidation) below:

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Bots got really quickly overhyped, and this hype is driving developers to build bots without much thought for how useful they will be or who would use them.

Big companies like Facebook are also pushing quick adoption to discourage new entrances in the market by promising (over promising) smart bots, interactive bots for communication between people and business and by exaggerating bots capacity.

However as my friend Matt Schlicht said in his article: Chatbots Suck Now But They Will Get Better” and the BOT ECONOMY is becoming one of the faster growing economy ever. Recently Citigroup Inc. highlights how the bot economy is growing much faster than the app economy did in its early days.

If you are extremely curious about Chatbots and would like to know which products are already in the market, and test a few of them I would strongly encourage you to, one of the best “App Store for Bots”.

There is a lot more to come with bots discovery and their adoption. I am very excited to play with more Chatbots in the near feature (PLEASE – feel free to add me on your beta tester group.. I love to test new products and to provide feedback!).

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