If not now, when?

Since I was 22 years old, I have been practically traveling around the world. After over 12 years in the USA, sacrifices, and experiences abroad in 4 countries, I returned to Italy with a specific goal: to do something for my country! Although many believe that technology, specifically artificial intelligence, is a threat to our […]

Web3 predictions for 2023

I think it is important to keep in mind that the ongoing “crypto winter” could last very long this time because of its correlation to the financial market and given macroeconomic factors, but developers activities, open sources progress and infrastructure updates will continue at an accelerated phase in the next few years. 

Il potere dell’educazione

L’anno appena trascorso è stato caratterizzato da una crescente incertezza sui mercati internazionali e nazionali. Nonostante un contesto economico in debole crescita e le numerose sfide del nuovo anno, Data Masters ha chiuso il 2022 in forte crescita. Alcuni dati:

The CIA handbook on how to sabotage

The CIA handbook on how to sabotage an enemy from the inside looks like a description of how many governments and organization operates. Before we get into details let me share some additional thoughts and information. First of all, how the hell can a 1944 sabotage manual, written by the secret service, be so accurate […]

The VC Winter is coming (not [too] bad)

I saw multiple media outlet talking about the upcoming VC winter in a very pessimistic and negative way, but I am actually a bit more optimistic about the overall outlook of the startup world. Some thoughts: The Nasdaq is down more than 23% since the beginning of the year. Global venture funding notched $47 billion […]