Il potere dell’educazione

L’anno appena trascorso è stato caratterizzato da una crescente incertezza sui mercati internazionali e nazionali. Nonostante un contesto economico in debole crescita e le numerose sfide del nuovo anno, Data Masters ha chiuso il 2022 in forte crescita. Alcuni dati:

The CIA handbook on how to sabotage

The CIA handbook on how to sabotage an enemy from the inside looks like a description of how many governments and organization operates. Before we get into details let me share some additional thoughts and information. First of all, how the hell can a 1944 sabotage manual, written by the secret service, be so accurate […]

The VC Winter is coming (not [too] bad)

I saw multiple media outlet talking about the upcoming VC winter in a very pessimistic and negative way, but I am actually a bit more optimistic about the overall outlook of the startup world. Some thoughts: The Nasdaq is down more than 23% since the beginning of the year. Global venture funding notched $47 billion […]