The Best Web 3.0 & Blockchain Predictions for 2022

Prediction are very difficult, and often inaccurate; making prediction somehow activates our brains, some research suggests that the (feeling) rewards of being right generates dopamine, which is responsabile for motivation.

Predictions are fascinating to me, not only because being right is cool, but mostly because the process of forecasting the future stimulates my curiosity in unique ways.

Summary of Predictions for Web3 by Coinbase:

1) We’ll live in a multi-chain world in the future

2) L1-L2 bridges to become more stable and usable

3) Zero Knowledge proof technology will get traction & investments

4) DeFi explosion = more regulation coming soon

5) KYC process implementations & more Institutional Money getting into DeFi

6) More hacks & emergence of DeFi insurance

7) Web2 try to turn into fake web3 (Meta)

8) Global brands actively engaging on NFTs platforms

9) NFT a new digital identity

10) DAO: employment of the future

Full article:

Crypto Prediction (summary from bankless):

  1. Crypto bull run is not over. ATH & total market cap at $5T?
  2. Goodbye ETH PoW. Eth2 merge will happen in 2022.
  3. More countries to follow El Salvador… and to adapt BTC
  4. ETH to reach a Trillion Dollar Network
  5. L2 explosion – to reach $25B in total value locked.
  6. One L2 to enter Top 10
  7. NTF sales hit $30B
  8. One DeFi Protocol will reach the top 10 in market cap (AAVE, UNI, YFI, COMP, SNX, and MKR – Which one?)
  9. DAO optimization and 8-figure purchase of real-world items.

Full article: multiple at

What do you think about these predictions? Do you have your own prediction for web3?

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